Blog up and running!
July 9, 2006, 6:46 am
Filed under: General

Well, I’ve got my new blog up and running. Aside from the one included in MySpace, this is my first blog since a site I ran with some friends back in Jr. High some five or six years ago. I’ve recently moved it over from Blogger because I like the ability to link to certain posts here better.

This blog is primarily for the posterboard Wii models that I’ve made. Many of you may have seen them from the original GameFAQs topic where I posted them, the first wave of articles at DigitalBattle, GoNintendo, 4 color rebellion, Joystiq, and Engadget, or the second wave of articles at GoNintendo, 4 color rebellion, and Joystiq.

I may use this blog to simply “collect” any new photos that I post up on GameFAQs or Nintendo’s NSider forums, or if I see anything I feel the need to post about that may or may not have relevance to my models, I’ll do that too.


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I remember posting those. Great work.

Comment by Armin

Wow. Now, that’s what I call passion! 🙂

Comment by pickleshane

lone star ford houston tx

Comment by Incils

She must promote waxed after shaving! Ha. He slapped her britney spears in the nude and drizzled it in the editing of his hand.

Comment by AgriffthigH

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