WiiModels were pretty much dead on. :)
December 2, 2006, 11:09 pm
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So of course, the person crazy enough to attempt actual sized models of the Wii shortly after E3 would get a Wii at launch, and then I thought to see how my models compared.

I had not seen any accurate Wii dimension measurements at the time I built these models, so I said “OK, the disc is 12cm, I’ll use that to figure out the size of the front of the system, and then rescale the patent drawings to match what I find, and use those measurements to make my models.

A lot of people thought my models wouldn’t be accurate, and I got the typical, “It’s not right because Nintendo hasn’t released official measurements!” or something along those lines. Well, here are some pics of my new Wii and my WiiModels made several months ago:

Real White Wii w/ Gloss Black WiiModel:

Vertical Wii Front w/ Vertical WiiModel Front (height comparison):

Top of WiiModel w/ Top of Wii (length comparison):

Horizontal Wii Front w/ Horizontal WiiModel Front (thickness comparison, no flash):

Horizontal Wii Front w/ Horizontal WiiModel Front (thickness comparison, camera flash):

Wii Stand w/ WiiModel Stand:

If any of the links are broken, please let me know via the comments page, and I’ll get a new copy up ASAP. 🙂


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WiiModels were pretty much dead on. 🙂

WiiModels creator, “DocCRP,” has posted a follow-up article as to how his meticulously crafted papercraft models measured up against the real thing. Here’s an excerpt:

I had not seen any accurate Wii dimension measurements at the ti…

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old says : I absolutely agree with this !

Comment by old

Good post, great looking weblog, added it to my favs!!

Comment by Serigaima

Interesting lol, why would you need to make a model out of it lol

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Comment by dorindarichards822

it’s wild to think we came from this model to the current specs for the Switch… it’s almost like we are taking a step back in creativity (lack of motion controls, etc) but a step forward in third-party configs… oh well here’s to change!

Comment by nintendostar

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