Hyrule sees same constellations as Earth!
November 20, 2006, 11:23 pm
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In addition, apparently Twilight Princess takes place during the northern hemisphere’s winter.

How so? Check out this picture I took from the game’s night sky. You can clearly see that Nintendo tried adding Orion into the sky (not perfect, but it’s obvious that’s what they were going for. In the northern hemisphere, Orion is considered a winter constellation (because that’s when it’s visible to us). Click the pictures to view a larger version!

Normal Picture:

Marked Picture:


Join my “Nintendo Wii” Facebook Group!
September 10, 2006, 11:11 pm
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From what I can tell, this Wii Facebook group is by far the largest Facebook group dedicated to anything Nintendo, and by far the largest group dedicated to any Next-Gen console.

Remember, you have to be logged into Facebook to see the group and join! ūüôā


Updates on my remaining models, eBay auctions, etc.
September 8, 2006, 9:43 pm
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I’ve made 5 Wii models in total. The first one was “sold” for $68 after 7 days, but the buyer didn’t pay. It was relisted and sold for $30 after 3 days. Then, we put up¬†much¬†more extremely accurate models (gloss black and white),¬†which¬†sold¬†for¬†$40¬†and¬†$46, respectively.¬†I said these would be the last models I would sell on eBay. However,¬†the¬†highest¬†bidder¬†on¬†the¬†gloss¬†black¬†model¬†hasn’t¬†paid,¬†and¬†my¬†friend¬†Matt¬†(who¬†lists¬†the¬†models¬†on¬†eBay¬†for¬†me)¬†should¬†be¬†getting¬†the¬†black¬†one¬†on¬†eBay¬†again¬†soon. ¬†I’ll post a link here when that happens.

Many of the people in my dorm this year have come into our quad and toured through to see my remaining black and white Wii models as well as the PS3 model, which I’m keeping for now. I keep the black Wii on my desk, and the white¬†Wii¬†and¬†the¬†PS3¬†by¬†all¬†our¬†other¬†systems¬†in¬†the¬†room¬†(360,¬†GC,¬†N64).¬†Interesting¬†note,¬†I¬†keep¬†the¬†PS3¬†sitting¬†horizontally,¬†and¬†because¬†of¬†the¬†way¬†it’s¬†designed,¬†the¬†right¬†side¬†is¬†collapsing¬†under¬†its¬†own¬†weight…

I’ll probably keep these 2 remaining¬†Wii models (once the unpaid for model is relisted and sold) and PS3 model, but if anyone’s in the UIUC campus area and wants to make an offer on these remaining models,¬†let¬†me¬†know.¬†You¬†can¬†either¬†leave¬†a¬†comment¬†here,¬†or¬†on¬†Facebook¬†where¬†I¬†run¬†the¬†largest¬†next-gen¬†system¬†Facebook¬†group¬†(Nintendo¬†Wii¬†–¬†860¬†members¬†and¬†counting).

FINAL TWO Wii models listed on eBay!
August 8, 2006, 12:43 am
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The last two Wii models are now listed on eBay!

White Model
                                      Black Model

I say last because it seems the diminishing returns aren’t worth the time, effort, and materials put into these models. After these two, I’ll have a black and white Wii that I’ll be keeping for my own dorm room, so these auctions will be pretty much your last chance to get one (unless the auction skyrockets).

PLEASE BID early and often! It helps to know my work is worth something ūüôā Happy bidding!

Wii models photographed with PS3 model, real 360, and more
August 5, 2006, 5:57 am
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Thanks to Chris, my Xbox fan friend who I’ve known for about a decade and will be rooming with this coming school year, I’ve been able to photograph my Wii models and PS3 model with his Xbox and Xbox 360. Also, my friend Matt, who has generously listed my now-sold and soon-to-be-listed Wii models on eBay, had provided the PS2 Slim.

Aeropause’s/Joystiq’s “Revised” Size Comparison Chart:

MY more accurately Revised Size Comparison Chart:

Vertical Wii w/ Xbox 360, PS3 (front):

Vertical Wii w/ Xbox 360, PS3 (above):

Horizontal Wii w/ Xbox 360, PS3 (front):

Horizontal Wii w/ Xbox 360, PS3 (above):

Vertical Wii w/ Xbox 360:

Vertical White Wii (without stand) w/ Xbox 360:

Vertical Wii, Xbox 360 (side, without stand):

Horizontal Wii w/ Xbox 360:

Vertical White Wii w/ PS3:

Horizontal White Wii w/ PS3:

Vertical PS3, Xbox 360 (front):

Xbox 360, PS3 (horizontal side):

Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 (vertical side, raised):

Wii w/ Xbox 360, PS3 (horizontal front, stacked tower):

Wii w/ Xbox 360 Controller:

Wii Remote w/ Dual Shock 2, Xbox 360 Controller:

Wii Remote w/ Xbox 360 Controller:

Wii w/ Xbox 360 Power Brick:

PS3 w/ Xbox 360 Power Brick:

Wii w/ Xbox:

PS3, Xbox:

Wii w/ PS3, Xbox (back):

Wii w/ Xbox Controller:

Wii Remote w/ Xbox Controller:

Wii w/ PS2 Slim:

Wii w/ PS2 Slim & PS3, longest sides:
*note, PS3 is considerably closer to the camera, so it appears slightly larger than it should be.

Wii w/ PS2 Slim & PS3, fronts:
*note, PS3 is considerably closer to the camera, as is the Wii to a lesser extent, so both appear slightly larger than they should be.

My favorite pic one last time, just for kicks:

If any links are broken (due to ImageShack’s bandwidth policy), let me know and I’ll get a new link up ASAP.

New port likely “too tight” for any DS slot
July 13, 2006, 1:27 am
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The “new” port under speculation located at the front of the underside of the Wii is likely too big to be a DS port.

I was never a supporter of the DS port theory anyway, I’m currently backing the DVD dongle idea. But I decided to take the 1:1 scaled patent drawings that I’ve been using to make models, and see how a DS game card compares to the port/slot/whatever. Note, these pictures clearly show the port is screwed in, making it likely that this port isn’t supposed to be opened frequently. In these pics, the bold line in the drawing is likely the part that opens:

It’s about as wide as a DS cart, which makes it highly unlikely that the port holds DS cards. I’ve never seen a company try and make something that tight.

Hopefully this debunks the DS card theory.

I have to make another model??
July 10, 2006, 1:12 am
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Apparently I missed a flap/port of some kind in the Wii.

Bottom left here:

And top right here:

I just recently remade a model, to add the recently revealed SD slot and Sync button, as well as added “pockets” to be able to insert, hold, and remove discs, SD cards, and USB devices. Now I have to look into this new thing, figure out what it is, and then make a new one…and put the old model on eBay ūüėõ

I may not find out what it is though. It seems that this thing is screwed shut, so the public may not know what it is until IGN or someone gets a review kit.